Ultimate Minecraft Quiz Questions

1 November, 2022

Ultimate Minecraft Quiz Questions

Are you able to distinguish between your Endermen and your Creepers? This massive Minecraft quiz will help you find out!

Are you a Minecraft trivia expert? These Minecraft trivia questions will test your knowledge.

You can do it!

Endermen can be injured in many ways. Which of these is true?

How can you make a large chest?

How many iron ore blocks are needed to make one iron ingot

What are Creepers afraid of?

What can you do to stop an Enderman from attacking you?

How is a Charged Creeper made?

Which console can you play Minecraft?

Who is the leader of the Endermen?

How can you make obsidian?

How tall is a Ghast (not including its tentacles).

What can you do with rotten flesh?

How many people play Minecraft each month?

What ore is best for building complicated machines?

Which mob will you fight at the end?

Pigs drop pork chops, skeletons drop bone. What do zombies lose?

16/20 Minecraft's world is huge and made up of trillions and trillions of ad blocks. How big would the Minecraft world be if it were real?

What vegetable can be used to make a potion for night vision?

Which one of these Youtubers plays Minecraft

Which real-life animal was used to create the Ghast sound effects?

Which country allows you to play Minecraft at school?

Ah. This is awkward. Have you ever played Minecraft?

It's not bad. There is always room for improvement!

Nice work! You are an expert!

Woah! Minecraft expert!

Incredible! You are a Minecraft expert!

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Are you a Minecraft fan? Are you a Minecraft fan? Do you enjoy spending time with your mob, adding cool items to your stack, and modding skins? This is the quiz for you!

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