Minecraft – the Legend of Zelda

19 November, 2022

Minecraft – the Legend of Zelda

This is a project I am doing together with Thorlar. We are building the light and shadow worlds, and all interior from The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past in Minecraft. We began building on 25 October 2013, and all of our build-sessions were livestreamed on Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you help me with the build? I'm really good at it!
There are many reasons to be thankful, but not all of them. It's easier to coordinate and plan a project if there are only two of you. We all have the same ideas and work well together.

Why is green wool used as grass? Why not a texture pack instead?
There are two reasons. It matches the game better, and won't get on dirt like normal grass. We are also avoiding the use of a texture pack because we want it to look as good for vanilla Minecraft players. However, we may make one for this build later on as an enhancement.

This will be an adventure map? downloadable? Can we visit it?
It won't be an Adventure Map, but it will most likely be downloadable. If anyone wishes to make it an Adventure Map, they can do so. The server will not allow players to visit the build area until it's finished. However, it will be possible to teleport to the area once we're done.

Why are there so many red blocks?
Good question! You can bring up the map, and enable the 16×16 grid. Every 16th block in each direction will be highlighted in red. These blocks correspond to Minecraft's red blocks. This is used to make it easier and faster to sync things in Minecraft.