How to make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

1 January, 2023

How to make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

What is a Minecraft Nether Portal? This portal is a gateway between two worlds. It separates the overworld (Minecraft) from the Nether dimensions, which are a dark and hostile hellscape. You cannot access the Nether unless you go through the purple door. So, how can you use a Nether portal for the Nether?

Once you have created your Nether portal design you can use it for teleporting to the Nether. Simply enter the portal to teleport to the Nether. Within four seconds, you will be transported into a hellish landscape filled with lava and monsters. Minecraft mobs and other objects can access the Nether portal in Minecraft. The exceptions are the Minecraft wither, and the ender dragon.

There are very few reasons to create a Minecraft Nether portal. You have to love fighting your way out of sticky situations. As you travel through the lava-filled environment, you will encounter hostile mobs like ghasts and skeletons. However, there are many reasons to visit this dark dimension. It's a hub for crafting resources like Minecraft netherite. If you want to create the most sought-after items, the Minecraft beacon (the most valuable item), you will need to visit the Nether and grab some things. Here's how you can get to the Nether in Minecraft by using a portal.

Minecraft Nether portal dimensions

What are the dimensions of the Minecraft Nether portal? To create a Nether Portal, you will need 12-14 obsidian blocks. It should be rectangular in shape, with a minimum dimension of 4×5 and maximum dimensions of 23×23. You will need a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian. This is the only tool that you have and it is not worth your time.

To create a Nether portal you will also need steel and flint. This will allow for the 'filling' the door. First, place your obsidian blocks in a rectangle like the one below. You don't have to fill in any corners. Next, create fire using flint or steel to fill the hollow doorway. This will release a puff of translucent, purple smoke. The vortex will hover near the door, but it's not dangerous. What's on the other side of the door is what you should be concerned about.

Travel to Minecraft Nether portal

There is no right or wrong place for your Nether portal to be built in Minecraft. However, it is not as easy as dimension hopping from one portal to another – Minecraft Nether portal travel comes with its own quirks. You will travel to your new portal in Overworld by entering it. If there isn't one, it will create one.

This is how to create a Minecraft Nether portal. You can repair your portal if it is damaged by a rogue Ghast's fireball while you are in the Nether. However, it is best to shelter your portal with a solid material like cobblestone or stone. You can find our guide to how to obtain a Minecraft trident, build a Minecraft shield, and use a Minecraft anvil for weapons preparation to fight hostile mobs.