Cool Houses to make in Minecraft

16 January, 2023

Cool Houses to make in Minecraft

It is difficult to build Minecraft houses. It can be difficult to design a Minecraft house that looks good and isn't just a box. Great Minecraft houses don't have to be reserved for the highly-skilled. Many people share their Minecraft house designs regularly on the internet. We've taken them all.

There are many Minecraft houses to choose. Do you want a cozy cave home? A beautiful cottage with a beautiful aesthetic? Or a starter home? Minecraft houses are a testament to the endless imagination of those who play the game. They can be redesigned in any number of ways, and they will never stop improving.

Which one of the Minecraft houses is right for you? This guide should give you some ideas on what you might build. Our Minecraft houses guide is like a picture-board. It features some of our favorite ideas and designs to help make your Minecraft house a home.

How to make minecraft houses

It can be difficult to know how to build Minecraft houses or where to begin the building process. We have included some of our favorite step-by-step videos to show you how to build perfect Minecraft houses.


Who wouldn't love a beautiful Minecraft house in the mountains! Mountain houses can be built into hillsides or open to the sky, offering grand views right from your window. When building Minecraft houses in the mountains it is important to choose a location with a great view.


There are many aesthetic Minecraft houses. These could be cozy winter houses, retro-vintage houses, or even a Japanese-style pagoda. Minecraft allows you to build almost anything. Don't settle for boring aesthetic Minecraft houses. There are likely others out there who have already built your dream Minecraft home.


A Hobbit hole is the best way to describe Minecraft cave houses. It has small rooms and low ceilings. There are many options for Minecraft cave houses, including a hive-like house suspended from a cave wall or a house built in the Nether. There are many options, but the most important thing about Minecraft cave houses is that they are hostile-proof.

Minecraft starter houses

Everybody starts somewhere. Minecraft starter houses are easy to build and are based on readily available materials. However, that doesn't make Minecraft starter houses boring. It's actually quite amazing what can be done with simple, elegant architecture and floral decoration.


It doesn't have to be complicated to build a house. Sometimes all you want is something that looks great and is easy to build. There are tons of beautiful wooden designs, like the one shown above. They are also easy to put into practice, regardless of your level of building experience.


There are many nice Minecraft houses, but our favorite is the treehouse. It's so relaxing to be high up, surrounded by beautiful greenery. The treehouses in Minecraft are functional and beautiful, as they provide a natural defense against hostiles roaming around.


Underground is the final frontier! This guide will show you how to build your own underground house if you want to keep your belongings below ground. Keep some glass blocks handy to keep an eye on the sky! This idea is really easy to grasp.

These are all the Minecraft Houses that we have! You can download Minecraft from Google Play or the App Store if you want to build one for yourself. If you're looking for more Minecraft-like games, be sure to check out our top mobile RPGs list!