Build the Best Minecraft House

23 January, 2023

Build the Best Minecraft House

It is essential to know how to build a Minecraft cabin or house. A decent home allows you to shelter from the Creepers, other monsters of night, and also gives you a place to store your crafting materials and equipment. Your home is also a place where you can show off your artistic talent in Minecraft.

You have to decide whether you are building a Minecraft house for functionality, aesthetics, or something in between. Although underground construction is a great way to save resources, the exterior of a Minecraft house will not be very impressive if it's just dirt and a door. A glass wall can look great, but it won't withstand any attack. We have some tips and advice that will help you build a Minecraft house, above or below ground, no matter what your priorities.

The Basics of Building a Minecraft House

No matter how you build your Minecraft home, there are some essential items that you should include. First, ensure you have plenty of torchlights around your Minecraft house. These serve two important functions. Torches allow you to see inside the place, which is particularly useful if you're carving a cave. They also help keep monsters away, as they prefer darkened areas. You can reduce the likelihood of a monster destroying your day by placing plenty of torches inside and out.

Next, make a bed in your Minecraft home so that you can sleep through the night, and wake up refreshed in the morning. A bed is also your spawn point in this world. If the worst happens, you will be able to revive at home, rather than at the set world spawn points. This will save you the hassle of getting back there.

Chests are another essential item to consider so that you don't have to lug around all your materials, weapons, and other items. One chest is sufficient to get you started. However, you can add more storage as you go. To create new items and enhance your equipment you will also need to install crafting stations. Start with the furnace and standard crafting table, then expand your options by adding more crafting options.

What to do underground in Minecraft houses

You should dig horizontally into a hillside to build an underground Minecraft house. If the terrain isn't suitable, you can dig downwards, but this makes construction more difficult. Your entrance shouldn't be too big so make a tunnel that is at least two blocks wide and a few blocks high. You can then dig outwards from the tunnel to create your first room. Then, use torches to take a good look at what you are doing and add the basic items we have described.

You can continue mining in the surrounding area to find materials, but you will need to leave the bunker. To keep your dwellings safe and free from monsters, make sure you have a back door and additional lighting as you tunnel away.

Ideas for Minecraft houses above ground

These houses are probably the most familiar to Minecraft players. They're more visible and offer the potential for some really impressive structures. You can use any material to build walls, but stone or solid matter will give you a stronger foundation than wood. You will need to create a flat area for your walls. This can be as large or small as you want, but a minimum of 12 blocks is recommended. You can always expand later if you need.

Next, make walls around the perimeter of the building at least four blocks high. This will leave enough room for a door or windows. You have several options for a roof: you can use a flat sheet of block, stack them at an angle, or use stairs. To keep marauding monsters away, you can enclose your Minecraft house with a fence. You can also use torches to protect it. Add all the items we have already discussed and your homestead will be ready to go.